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Nochum Greenwald – Rabbi Juggler

December 2013

In this video you will see how Rabbi Nochum Greenwald magnetizes us all.

Celebrating Hanukkah

November 2013

Just as this holiday symbols home and family celebration that was the atmosphere in our synagogue Zichron Kedoshim, many sweet kids and great people gathered together to joy this lovely holiday, lighting the menorah eating festive meal with latkes singing Hanukah songs and playing dreidel games.

The wonderful evening was accompanied by happy Hanukah songs played on piano by talented Yossi Lesches .Rabbi Lesches played a dreidle game with all the kids who were able to gain big prizes answering so happily and proudly to the Rabbi questions about Hanukkah.

The coolest Rabbi Nochum Greenwald read us all the Hanukah story and then put up an amusing joggling show. We lighted the big menorah and sang some happy Hanukah songs. At last we shared one more funny show of an awesome magician that made us all kids and adults so happy with light in our hearts, just as it should be in a true Festival of Lights

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Hanukkah Magic

November 2013

In these videos you will see how extremely successful was Hanukkah magic for our precious kids.


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